On behalf of Inner Childs Store, I am Natalie Nguyen would like to welcome you and thank for choosing us. 

I have personally worked on Early Year Foundation Education for many years as a teacher, teacher trainer, educational researcher and developer, I do enjoy watching children "play" and develop through time. I consider their play more likely "work" because they are serious on what they are doing and do not like to be interrupted. We think "they are playing", but they think " I am working". They work for their own development and we adults are not able to do that on their behalf. Inner Childs Store is created with the idea to offer selection of high quality and educational materials children can work along, with multiple levels of ways to enhance logical and scientific thinking and understanding. I am happy to offer more than what the item does by creating strategies how adults can step by step engage in the child learning by working with them. And it is free for you. It is just how creative you are on how you can approach the child and become dynamic link between the materials and her (him). It is simple, I can do and you can do, however, it might take your time to think and come up with how to engage your child to more interesting and complex activities. It  is my pleasure to get it done for you as a gift when you purchase the product because I do want your child to get the most benefits out of the material. There is so much more to do with one material. Once you see your child repeat and repeat constantly, it is when she(he) is deeply interested in exploring further, thus creativity and perfection is increased. 

The quality of working to develop lay on this foundation, it is not about how many toys your child has, but how much she (he) can do with one.